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My name is Banish, the owner of Banish Media. In today’s article, we’re unraveling the mystery of Google Search Console links. That’s right! We’re digging into why your backlinks are not showing up promptly in your search console.

Understanding the delay

Sometimes when you navigate your Google Search Console and click on the “links” tab on the left, you might notice that new backlinks to your website aren’t immediately visible. Occasionally, these updates might even take a few weeks. Why does this happen?

Google’s Indexing Schedule

The simplest explanation is this: Google takes time to show the links. Rest assured, these backlinks are indexed by Google, so there’s no need to panic. If they’re not immediately apparent in your console, they’re likely to show up within two to three weeks. However, if they still haven’t appeared, there might be a couple of reasons for it.

Looking into the issue

No-Index Tags

Firstly, check if your backlink is on a page with a no-index tag. For a quick check, copy the URL of the backlink page and paste it into a no-index tag searcher. Alternatively, right-click on the page, select inspect, and use the control+f command to find the “no index” tag. If the page has a no-index tag, it means that Google Bots are blocked from crawling the page, which prevents your backlink from being indexed and displayed in the console.

This is what no-index tag looks like:

no index tag screenshot

Low Quality Links

Secondly, if you’re linked from a spammy or low-quality website, there’s a high chance that Google may not index your backlink or feature it in the console. It’s common, especially for links purchased via sites like Fiverr or UpWork, to be perceived as low quality. Google might assume you’re trying to trick the system and consequently exclude it from the search console.

Stats: Backlinks Visibility in Google Search Console

According to our data & client’s data we have compiled some stats. However, it’s important to note that these percentages vary and are subject to change over time.

Backlink OriginChance of Visibility (%)
No Index Tagged Page0
High Quality Site85-95
Low Quality/Span Sites20-30

Remember, patience is key when working with Google Search Console. And although it’s important to keep tabs on your backlinks, ensuring they’re high quality is equally essential.

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