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Hi there! Today, we’re addressing a conundrum many have grappled with: “Why aren’t my Google Ads working today?” There could be a myriad of reasons why your ads aren’t spending money or working as expected. Don’t worry, I’ll guide you through some solutions you can explore to resolve this issue. 

Here is a quick overview table why your Google ads are’t working today.

Possible IssuesActionsExpected Impact
New DomainRemain patient for Google’s approvalSuccess mainly depends on Google’s approval process
Low Bids & BudgetIncrease your bidding and overall budgetMore impressions, more chances for your ads to be shown
Low Click-Through Rate (CTR)Improve your ads’ quality, use engaging copyIncreased CTR, more potential conversions
Payment IssueSolve it as soon as possible with Google or your bankAd campaigns resume normal operation
Scheduling IssueEnsure your ads run at the most promising timesGreater reach to potential customers, higher engagement

Possible Reasons Your Google Ads Aren’t Working 

1. Is your domain new? 

Google ads can take time to start spending money on new domains. If yours is fresh out of the crate, don’t worry, it’s only a matter of time for your ads to go live. However, if you’ve had your domain on Google Ads for a while, and it’s still not working, read on for additional insights. 

2. The age of your campaign 

If your campaign is newly launched, Google will take some time to understand it. The AI works in the background, first understanding your target audience before it starts spending significantly. Your ads may not be working if you just launched your campaign recently (2-3 days). This period is primarily for optimization and learning, so patience is key! 

3. Are your bids and budget setting too low? 

Google may not spend any money on a campaign if the cost per click (CPC) for the service or product you’re advertising is higher than your daily budget. Spending stops if the max bid you’ve set manually is too low. Revisiting and adjusting your bid and budget strategy can help here. 

4. Is your click-through rate (CTR) too low? 

A low CTR can signal Google that your ads aren’t relevant to your audience, prompting Google to limit or stop its spending on your campaign. You can combat this by improving your ad copy and ensuring the ad content aligns with the user’s intent. Keep in mind the Google ads policies while doing so. Here is the link.

5. Bid strategy adjustments 

If you’ve recently changed your bid strategy, it’s crucial to check its performance. Performance strategies require historic conversion data to be effective, so ensure your Google Ads account has sufficient data before activating. 

6. Was your ad account suspended? 

In some instances, violating Google Ads policies can result in account suspension, leading to your ads abruptly stopping. Check your notifications or Gmail account for any updates or suspension notices from Google. If your account was indeed suspended, contact the Google Ads support team immediately. You can also check your inbox & see if you have received any email from the Google ads. I am 100% certain that Google would have notified you if your ad account is suspended.

Other Factors to Consider 

While I’ve covered several common potential reasons above, there could be other variables impacting your Google Ads performance. If you’ve checked everything mentioned and are still facing issues, it’s advisable to reach out to the Google Ads support team. Their insights could shed light on the problem, getting your campaign back on track. Click on this link to go to Google ads support home page.


Understanding why your Google Ads aren’t working is the first step towards resolution. Paying attention to these common factors can help you troubleshoot effectively. However, don’t forget that professional help is always at your fingertips with the Google Ads support team. Remember, prompt resolution is key to making your advertising successful. Also, if you need any other help, choose Banish Media as your PPC agency!

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