Edmonton on-page SEO checklist

As an Edmonton business owner, establishing a strong online presence is essential to drive local customers and increase revenue. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a pivotal role in making your website visible to potential customers. To boost your search rankings in Edmonton, on-page SEO is non-negotiable.

Here’s a detailed on-page SEO checklist tailored for Edmonton websites to help you improve your search visibility and attract organic traffic.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO involves all the tactics you implement on your website’s actual pages to improve search engine rankings and user experience. It includes optimizations related to content, HTML tags, images, and more.

Why On-Page SEO Matters for Edmonton Businesses

  • Increases Visibility: Well-optimized websites have a higher chance of appearing at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) for local searches.
  • Drives Local Traffic: With people often searching for businesses with “near me” queries, on-page SEO can generate leads from Edmonton residents.
  • Enhances User Experience: An optimized website provides relevant content and easy navigation, improving a visitor’s experience and lowering bounce rates.
  • Provides Competitive Advantage: A strong on-page SEO strategy offers a competitive edge over Edmonton businesses that don’t optimize their websites.

The Essential On-Page SEO Checklist

1. Conduct Keyword Research

  • Local Keywords: Identify keywords that include location-specific terms (e.g., “Edmonton plumber,” “best brunch Edmonton”). Use tools like Google Keyword Planner, Semrush, or Ahrefs for extensive research.
  • Long-Tail Keywords: Target highly specific phrases reflecting what Edmonton customers would search for (e.g., “emergency dental services downtown Edmonton”).
  • Competitor Analysis: Analyze keywords that your competitors are ranking for to gain insights and discover potentially missed opportunities.

2. Optimize Meta Tags

  • Title Tag: Arguably the most important on-page SEO element. Include your primary keyword, keep it under 60 characters, and write a compelling title that will attract searchers.
  • Meta Description: Concisely summarize your page’s content in 155 characters or less. Use your target keyword and encourage clicks.

3. Craft High-Quality and Engaging Content

  • Unique & Valuable: Content must provide accurate, useful, and original information addressing user needs in the Edmonton market.
  • Keywords in Strategic Places: Incorporate target keywords where natural: header tags (H1, H2, etc.), within the first few paragraphs, and throughout the content. Avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Length: While quality surpasses quantity, in-depth content tends to rank better. Aim for a minimum of 500 words but focus on addressing the information needs of your Edmonton customers.

4. Use Header Tags Properly

  • H1 Tag: Use only one H1 tag per page to indicate the main topic. Include your main keyword within this tag.
  • H2 and H3 Tags: Structure subsections with H2 and H3 tags, making your content easier to scan and adding relevance for specific keywords.

5. Optimize URLs

  • Short & Descriptive: Clear and concise URLs signal relevance to search engines and users.
  • Target Keywords: Strategically include primary keywords in your URLs.
  • Use Hyphens: Hyphenate multiple-word URLs for readability.

6. Enhance Internal Linking

  • Relevant Links: Create links between related pages on your site providing further content for users and helping search engines ‘crawl’ your site.
  • Anchor Text: Descriptive anchor text informs both users and search engines about the content of the linked page.

7. Ensure Image Optimization

  • Use ALT Text: Describe your images accurately for people using screen readers and for search engines to understand your content. Include keywords wherever natural.
  • Image Compression: Improve page loading times by compressing images without compromising quality. Use tools like TinyPNG or similar.

8. Improve Site Speed and Mobile Responsiveness

  • Page Load Speed: Slow sites have higher abandonment rates. Test with Google’s PageSpeed Insights and rectify any issues to improve both user experience and SEO.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Today, most searches happen on mobile devices. Ensure your site adapts flawlessly to different screen sizes using responsive design.

9. Utilize Schema Markup

  • Structured Data: Schema markups help search engines better understand your content. You might implement schemas for location details, reviews, or service offerings.
  • Improved SERP Display: With schema, search results may show star ratings, addresses, etc., increasing click-throughs.

Bonus Tips for Edmonton-Focused SEO

  • Google My Business (GMB): Ensure your GMB listing is optimized for local search. Complete your profile, add accurate information, and encourage customer reviews.
  • Edmonton-Specific Content: Showcase your business’ connection to Edmonton through blog posts highlighting local events, partnerships, or community involvement.
  • Local Citations: Ensure consistent business information (name, address, phone number – NAP) across directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages, or other Edmonton-specific citation sites.

Don’t Neglect Off-Page SEO

On-page SEO is crucial, but also consider these

  • Backlinks: Earning high-quality backlinks from other respected websites in Edmonton is a major ranking factor.
  • Social Media: Maintain an active presence on social platforms relevant to your business to gain exposure and potential links.

Track and Analyze Your Progress

  • Web Analytics: Use tools like Google Analytics to measure website traffic, bounce rates, and conversions. Data reveals patterns and areas for improvement.
  • Search Console: Check search queries bringing people to your site and improve based on search intent.

Key Takeaways

  • On-page SEO is fundamental for Edmonton businesses wanting to stand out in online searches.
  • Focus on delivering high-quality content that resonates with the Edmonton audience.
  • Technical SEO factors like page speed and internal linking cannot be ignored
  • SEO demands regular optimization and refinement – it’s not a “one-and-done” task.

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